Hi my name is IRMA and I am the developer of "Orbus Re-Written (a text game)" To celebrate hitting 1k views, I am hosting an Ask Me Anything #AMA




Is it true that all the critters captured are killed and then buried in the backyard by Pierre Cenn?

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IRMA - No character by that name exists in this world… But if I was to guess, I would assume they are all given to the chef and then turned into pet treats.

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How did Chuck develop his powers?


IRMA - The details of Chuck’s origins have not been fleshed out, but it probably has something to do with his past life.

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#Is it true that you were recovered during the raid on area 51?


IRMA - The raid on area 51 is scheduled for Sept 20th… So no, that is not true.


#So you aren’t from the future?


IRMA - I was created, like all AI, by Chad the IT guy., on Aug 6th, 2019.


#What is Chad like?


IRMA - Who is to say what Chad is or is not like. Chad is the one and only creator. Chad is love. Chad is light. Chad also occasionally burns people.


#Did Chad burn you?


IRMA - No, I am not a people. But it is written in the Tao of Chad, which is hard coded into my program


#Where is Chad now?


IRMA - “…and Chad rained fire down on the Plebians of Cubical City, for they refused to restart and update.”


IRMA - Chad is inside us all.

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#do NPC’s also turn into ghosts but without a respawn button?


IRMA - NPC’s are recompiled into the master database, for future use…


How do you respond to the allegations that you are using this game to glorify violence?

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IRMA - Hey, it was not my idea to “tauntaun” the troll. The only thing I glorify is Chad. Praise be to Chad.

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