High pings, "connection closed by remote host"

I played just fine for 3 hours or so last night and for 2 hours earlier today, but now every time I try to play, I spawn in with insanely high pings (5000 - 10,000), and then I get a “connection closed by remote host” error after a few minutes. Worse, after I exit the game, my internet doesn’t work for a minute or so. I just played a ~10 minute session of another online game to test (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare), and it worked just fine with pings hovering around 80ms the entire time. I can also browse the internet just fine in Chrome without any interruptions. The problem only happens when I try to play Orbus.

I’ve tried resetting my modem and router, manually resetting my network adapter in Device Manager, and restarting my computer.

I’m on Windows 10, Oculus Rift, FX-8320 / GTX 1070. I’m connected via WiFi, but this is ordinarily not a problem and unfortunately I don’t have the option of plugging in.

What’s your in-game name?

My in-game name is Arlyn March

Okay I put you inside your player house just to make sure it’s not an issue with you being in a high-population area. See if you can connect now.

I fussed around in the house for a while and didn’t get any high ping warnings on my XP bar. However, I did test by doing some spell casting, and more often than not there was a several-seconds delay between hitting the A button and the spell activating, and another delay between hitting the button again and the spell “firing.” After doing this for a few minutes I went back outside and walked over to the sparring dummies. Hit one with a few spells (with the lag problem still happening) until I got the connection closed error again after a minute or two. Is there some sort of log file I can send you?

Sure, assuming you are playing the game via Steam, you can send me the output log that’s located in

(Steam Library Folder)/steamapps/common/OrbusVR/vrclient_Data/output_log.txt

Just email it to riley@orbusvr.com and I’ll take a look.

Sent, thank you!

Gonna send mine as well. I’m having high pings and I have a working good connection

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