Higher armor give more defense, and higher weapons give more damage

I wish that the higher level armor, and the higher level weapons were stronger. like for example high level armor give more defense from hits, and higher level weapons do more damage. if they did more damage then the easy mobs would be a piece of cake after how hard it is to get these weapons. you could still make the higher level monsters difficult but bearable. like something that can be grinded in a reasonable amount of time without so many deaths. everything else should stay the same though.

They do. That’s what they do.


Here’s the thing: most overworld enemies kind-of scale to your level, which means that even low level enemies like the sapling Stafrushers won’t die to a single hit, no matter how end-game your gear is. But there are some where the level doesn’t scale, for example the Fortified Stafrutes at Green Lady Temple. Those will absolutely body you if you’re at a low level, but at level 30, they die in two hits max.

You can see that an enemy’s level doesn’t scale by looking at the difficulty indicator of the monster (if there’s a box around it, it’s not scaled), or if there’s a round orange icon next to its name. Non-level-scaled enemies will also always drop the same level gear (for example, Tresus is non-level-scaled and will always drop level 30 gear, even for green leafs).

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Nice point. I have a question about that: how does it work with multiple players? Let’s say I’m playing my lv.30 Shaman, helping a lv.2 Scoundrel to kill a Stafrute in Trader’s Road. What level will it be like?

Also, does the same rule apply in Dungeons? I definitely feel like enemies are easier when there are low level players in the party, but it could be just a wrong impression.

For you, it’ll be level 30 scaled. And for them it will be level 2 scaled.

Same logic applies when you play on a class that is pre 30 and manage to get a weapon thats higher level than you. You can still use that weapon despite it being higher level. But you’ll do less damage than intended. As you level towards the equip level for the gun you’ll do more and more damage.

(Example being: Level 2 scoundrel with a 30 gun. You’ll do level 2 scoundrel gun damage no matter what. But as soon as you level to 3, the gun will start doing level 3 gun damage.)

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Yea, Ghin’s right. Also, aggro scaling works differently somehow (or not at all), it’s really, really hard to hold anything as a low level tank against a higher level player. Also, healing doesn’t scale at all, the Cure crescendo of a level 10 bard does absolutely nothing to the health bar of a level 30 person.

About the dungeons, only the four Highsteppe dungeons are scaled. Mines, Temple, Cove and Plateau don’t scale. Tried Mines with non-30 characters, got our faces smashed in. Would not recommend.


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