Higher lever area winter enemy

In higher level areas (ex: Wastelands, Forsaken Isle) a weeker version of last years winter world boss spawns multiple times at the same time in the higher lever areas and has the same agro range as a dungeon boss. This would add a more worrisome and slightly more tense feel to the areas that currently have little tension to them. This would in my opinion add a great amount of fun to the game while still following if not adding on to the original rpg mmo feel. I have no idea how it is to add in this sort of thing, but i feel that this would add so much to the game.


I like the idea of a WB in Wastelands. Forsaken Island is a little harder to go to, so a Boss in that area would have to have some really nice drop table, otherwise Iā€™d not feel so motivated to go all the way there.
Tracking this post, I really wanna see what other players think about it

what would the boss give? we already got a boss for each stat on a ring.

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Drops a new bracer that has stamina, wisdom, and health on it, and you can infuse it with the normal bracers as they run out.

Same idea as The One ring.

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regen :smiling_imp:

Maby a new kind of bracer that ups your damage stats ( ex: intelect, streingth ext.) by a large anount like 50 to 200 but decreases as time goes on like a normal bracer. Maby slightly nerfed but it would be a dev decision. Or new winter transmogs such as mamoth or wookie gear.

And remember whatever it is would traverse the entire zone and could possible have multiple at a time. Tho if not multiple then i would need to be a seriously strong world boss health, damage, and mechanic wise because lets be honest the current world bosses enraged can be killed by a decent group of 10

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