*Highsteppe Fishing Competition* | Today | 7 pm [cst]

The Well of Urd will be hosting the very first Highsteppe Fishing Competition on Saturday 7 PM (CST)

We really want to get to know the current community and have a good time fishing with everyone down by the fishing hut, just north of Highsteppe.

The largest fish caught will win a cash prize of 200 Dram (Sunfish) and 300 Dram (Green Bellied Bass).

We will need screenshots taken of the final weight sent to: @Sparky for verification.
(How to do a screenshot on Vive: click the trigger and system button at the same time)

HERE IS THE COUNTDOWN CLOCK Create a Countdown Clock

To make sure we can get everyone in the same shard I’ll be creating a “find group” listing that people can join into. it will be calling for all the classes.

No Fishing Potions, They Will Be Considered Cheating


See y’all then and there!

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Could u maybe have a countdown clock with time zones setup for this? :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to completely fail to hook a fish over and over . . . but with a bunch of other people!

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that basically is kingsport lake in a nutshell.

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yes, i thought about calling it the kingsport fishing competition but i didnt want people to get confused and go to the jungle

that’d be swamp fishing contest. you’d be noodling for minnows, catfish and eels at new kingsport

For anyone that would like a tune while fishing, got one geared toward Sunfish!

Training as a guardian has got me worn out
Been working on Cenn’s farm all day
Trading sunflowers for some wide open air
I head down to Kingsport Lake
Ernest hooked me up 'n so I thought I’d help him out
Sunfish I’m gonna catch today
I cast my line and wait… and wait and wait
Guess I should’ve added some bait
Pop on my homemade lure and wait… and wait and wait
These Sunfish just keep getting away
Day turns to night with a star spangled sky
Sunfish, please brighten my night
Learned pull up 'n back to snag
And pink should be my line
I’m gonna get it right this time
I’ll stay here on the shore
Catch more, more, and more
Sunfish biting on my lure


How long will it be before the judging? about 8 PM CST?

Some of The Attoric shall be there! Good luck everyone

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How long will the competition last?

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Oh well i’ll be on vacation such a bummer! Hope it goes well so i can attend the next one! I woulda won anyways, now you all have a chance :wink:

30 minutes after we get the party started @Sean_V

why dose every thing start at one in the morning

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Hey, to make sure everyone that wants to join in on the competition is on the same shard, it may be necessary to post it as a group finder thing and leave instructions in your original post about how to do that.


good idea! i will definitely do that

Very excited to fish with you all!


Robot you may want to make the fish pot ban clearer so any one who reads it will be clear

This is amazing, you should post a video of the actual notes! :grinning:

Thanks :smiley: I know absolutely nothing about recording or uploading videos. Guess I can Google it and see