Honor points not resetting

For some reason the honor points only reset for some people

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Did their points not reset or just their title/rank didn’t reset?

Their points, so If they got 500 the previous day they would still have it, just with their updated rank. The points they get after this also added to it. However, some of us would not reset, leaving us to significantly drop ranks. I got 1700 points one day and got champion, then because my points reset and others didn’t, I was only able to go from 0 to 300 points in the day and dropped to defender while they had 2000+. The 300 points I got didn’t reset either, so I have those for today, kind of just happens randomly?

Okay, thanks for the heads up.

Additionally I meant to mention this but obviously during the Beta I have this running daily instead of weekly to catch these kind of bugs, but in the live game it just runs once per week.

Not only the honor points aren’t resetting for everyone, but it looks like the titles aren’t even updating correctly (i had more honor points than Kamina the last 2 days and i was still a champion while he was the grand champion)

It simply knows it’s master :innocent:

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I think I fixed the bug where it wasn’t resetting for everyone. If that still isn’t happening to someone let me know.

On the rankings, it takes into account the last 4 “cycles”, but the most recent week (“day” currently) is worth twice as much. So looking at it, your score for the last ranking was actually 7579, whereas Kamina’s was 8181, so it actually did give you the correct ranking.

I have it set up that way to provide some amount of stability to the rankings, so it’s not wildly shifting every week, and if you want to maintain a higher rank, you’re able to have a lighter week every now and then without totally losing all your progress.

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Makes sense, can you replace the rank on the journal with the actual total rank?