Horse Mount quest bug

So spoilers ahead for the quest for the horse Mount. But when I got to the step for the book in the basin, it won’t count towards the mission and to make things even worse the book keep ls duplicating. Idk what to do to fix this or if this an actual game issue.

did you do all of the prerequisites?

Ok that’s bad BUT there are MORE lore books sooo is it really that bad

Also you might of just lost connection to the servers I recommend logging out and then back in

Yeah, all the steps before it are done

And wait, it can be any lore book like the one in flooded? I’ve always been told the one in the basin to grab.

No no it can only be that one what I’m saying is more books = more lore

Oh yeah I’m good on lore. I’ve gotten most of not all of the books. But it’s just that one book in basin that’s keeping me locked in this missing persons quest

Lore is life

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Are you getting the right book? If so, then move on to the next step in the quest and it will show up as done after you do that one (pretty sure that’s what happened for me - I just did it last week).

I had to log out and in so many times during that quest due to latency. Took a few days for me to get it done.

I did it when the player base wasn’t that high so I was able to do it bug free

There are other things you need to do first, the horse mount quest is not as straightforward as it seems.

Here is a list of clues:

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