(Hidden Quest Clue Mini-Game) The Journey by Traveller Pherosis

The Journey by Traveller Pherosis

Chapter 1: For a Horse

I wish it began on a day like any other, but today was no ordinary day. Upon returning it became clear that my home had been disturbed, it was supposed to be impregnable! And the intruders were no ordinary Highsteppers. The dragons were unsettled, skittish and refused to breed (for days afterwards!), potion ingredients had been scattered and crushed to uselessness. To add the insult to already grievous injury, my beautiful library was in disarray and vandalized! It was while putting everything to rights that I found it…

Clue 1: If hidden knowledge you seek, you must search that which knowledge keeps. Look behind ye seeker, by Hearth and Fire! Forward is to the future.
Clue 2: He who guards tries to guide, but he has more questions than answers.
Clue 3: He stalks your home, but fear not. Feed the Glutton, though his desires be unsettling. Nothing is forbidden.
Clue 4: If you leave no stone unturned, and seek behind the green. Treesus will help you unlock that which cannot be seen.
Clue 5: Near your home waits a mission, you must roam far and wide. Outshine the Ashs, trials await you.
Clue 6: She who has ignored your parlay will now give you the light of day. Seek her underground.
Clue 7: Use Virtues Might to bridge the gap where Titans pray.
Clue 8: Take the road less travelled, by sprocket and gear you will find the Red Right Hand.
Clue 9: Return to she from whence you came and find the books of hidden blame.
Clue 10: Under guardians of battles past, blade a king when stones sing.
Clue 11: By decas they came to save and do in, finding too late our past lost to ruin.
Clue 12: Tinny’s inheritance under green, is of every Magelings dream.
Clue 13: The wise one spells your end, will he be a foe or friend?

I am putting together a clue story for each the secret quest steps to make this more fun. The above clues are a basic outline as to what they will end up looking like.

Am also putting together an open discord for mini-clue games as they come along. :slight_smile:
You are all welcome. https://discord.gg/RqK9nsp


Maybe I’ll actually do it now. Thanks for putting this together.

You’re welcome @Sift, the clues are followable now. :slight_smile:

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i enjoy
: )

Glad to hear that @ChaseChair :slight_smile:

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