House bought by accident

I accidentally bought a new house in the desert village and this is my home now. There is nothing to do there and takes a lot of travel every time. I even end up there when I enter the house at Highsteppe.
Can it be undone?
Player name is Thorgal.

I’ll shoot you a PM about it.

While you’re at it, I also bought a house in the jungle which i regret, however if i can’t change it i’ll survive.

The problem is that everytime i go out of the house i spawn somewhere under the ground, and therefor have to commit suicide, any tips?

Player name is Tarkeryon


There should be a vendor in guild city that will sell you a house deed so you can switch it back.

Are we able to purchase the house at highsteppe? I have never seen the NPC to purchase there…

The should show up if you buy a different house.

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Ah alright that makes sense. Just wanted to check. There should be a more noticeable warning message that you have to confirm as I have almost bought a house on accident as well.

Sorry for the late update, due to family obligations I can not play as much as I would like to (full time :)).
There was a notice if I was sure at the time so it’s not a problem with the game, I just didn’t realise I would be stationed there.
Riley actually took good care of me and the situation. Thank you for that :).

You can only purchase if you own a house somewhere else.

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