Housing, usage, and furniture (Suggestions and Discussion)

Questions on housing have recently emerged in another thread and I thought we should have a dedicated thread to make searches, idea sharing, and discussion easier. It also means we don’t need to worry about hi-jacking a thread on a different topic :).

The posts that prompted this thread started here:

Let’s keep this civil and remember; houses do not exist yet so nothing is set in stone and may change at any time.

Here are all the relevant points from @Riley_D in the other thread related to housing:

  • Everyone in the game gets a house, but by default your house is in the first (starter) village. Which is fine for starting off in the game but eventually you’ll probably want to move it to a new location especially if you spend a lot of time in the Wilds. You will be able to get both the House Deed and the Fellowship Certificate in-game by playing, but the Kickstarter backers get them right away which both saves them from having to work for it right away (although they would have to work for it if they want to move their house again), and allows us to ‘seed’ the game with some Fellowships right away.

  • It’s not open-world housing, it’s static instancing. So for example there is one “house building” that everyone sees in the Starter Village, where when you go into the door you go into your house. You can change what “building” you enter to go into your house, though, by moving it to a different house in a different village.

  • In a perfectly ideal world, we’d have different sized houses to choose from in different locations, and the “interior” of the house would change based on what house you choose. I’m not going to promise that’s going to happen, because I’m not sure we have the resources to do that (at least, not by launch). However, there is a nice customization factor to at least choosing where your house is in the game world, even if the inside is the same no matter where it is. In addition to that, there is a strong strategic value in placing your house in certain places if you are someone who is really into crafting or selling things, since depending on where your house is you will have a quicker/easier time getting certain resources out of the Wilds, access to different markets to sell your goods in, etc. So even if from an “inside the house” standpoint it’s all the same, there are already going to be good reasons to choose different places to put your house.

  • So the house is where you chest is, which is where you can store your tradable items so you aren’t carrying them around. So for example if you got a tradable item from the Wilds, your goal is to get it back to your house where you can store it until you’re ready to sell it or craft with it. I also think your house is where you’re going to end up doing a lot of your crafting. I do like the idea of having like shared crafting spaces because I think it could be really cool to have say a forge where people are coming to do crafting work and can chat and whatnot while they’re doing it, but at the same time some of the crafting professions (like Alchemy) need a lot of space to work in. So I think the main crafting will be done in the house (in your own private space), but then we might have some steps that require a ‘specialized tool’ or something that would be in a more public area. Not totally sure yet.


Thanks Pontifi!
That makes the info much easier to find.

I have another question.

Will I always have to walk back to my house or is there an instant tp?

I have a feeling we’ll be walking back home. An instant teleport would make escaping The Wilds way too easy.

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Agreed, that being said, I could see a teleport between towns being very possible. Or, for the runemage, a teleport to various poles around the game. It may be the case you can get a house near one of these and teleport near to your house from (any location? particular safe areas? a short enough distance?) we’ll have to see how those are implemented.

I’m guessing that players will “share” the same entry portal and if so, there will only certain places where you can place your home. Those places will most likely be in or around villages or towns so teleporting back to town won’t be much of an issue.

Teleporting back to town first and then walking home will be very much possible. If I recall correctly though, teleporting is considered to be a major (powerful) spell that will require reagents to use. The idea is to prevent teleporting from being spammed all the time, but still make it better than walking across a zone. That said, until probably at least Beta, we won’t know how “difficult” it is to get spell reagents.

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I would like to see shared housing where you can make/craft and place furniture together. That’d make it so much more fun to keep doing it. In BDO they had housing as well, but no shared housing, so you could only visit each others houses - but after a while that got really boring so I stopped doing anything for my house.

Also, in-game marriage would be fun - maybe even give you the ability to teleport to each other or something.

I like the idea of making/crafting furniture (instead of just buying and placing). I’d also be interested in making walls/doors/flooring, etc. and designing the layout as well as possibly outside, gardens. I think though that level of detail wouldn’t be available to much much later if it is implemented at all.

I think it would be fun going out to collect materials and then using them to create furniture.