How can I logout from OrbusVR?

I want to play OrbusVR with my friends on one computer.

I can make 2 Accounts. But I can’t logout from character select window.

Is not possible? or is there another way?

As far as I know your installation is permanently bound to that account.

So either you install OrbusVR on a second Steam account, use a virtual installation of Windows and do essentially the same thing, or hopefully a dev can respond to whether you can either edit a file that points to your account or add a feature to log into an account or log out of an account after registering it.


As far as I know there is no way to logout of your orbus account once it is bound to your steam account. What you can do in this situation is have your friend log in to their steam account, bind their orbus account to their steam account if they haven’t already, and then you should be good to go.

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Hey there,

As the others have said, the linking process is meant to be a one-time deal, basically one Steam purchase = one OrbusVR account. If you made a mistake and need to unlink it once I can do that for you, but if you’re wanting to play on two different OrbusVR accounts long-term, then you need to purchase it twice on two different Steam accounts.

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