How do all of these fellowships have so many people?

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Many of the biggest fellowships have been around for years, we started off relatively small too.
And this is not an insult to you or anybody at all, but most people want to join the guilds doing high end-game Content.

And this is also not an insult but people do t want to join a fellowship owned and admined by a bunch of kids

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Lol there’s one kid in the fellowship

I do see what you are saying. When you say “we” wdym btw?

Ok so your the one kid, and by we I mean carnage

Ok my tip to have a good guild, is to be good

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Oh carnage, cool

also, creating a constant stream of random forum posts; bringing bad attention to yourself will definately not help your cause

  1. they arent random 2. what bad attention 3. i didnt ask for your negative output

Pretty sure he meant that in the most constructive way, not an insulting way.


Ah, just sounded insulting :sweat_smile:

But also getting super annoying and salty when someone says something you don’t like


We all thank Rupert. That’s where you went wrong!

For real, you want an inviting community, skilled players, and a goal.

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Makes sense… thanks!