How do I change talents once I messed up my choices?


I’m a ranger and it seems the class is useless.
But I still like bow and arrows.
I chose the wrong talents for the ranger can I change them?


Yes. There is a potion of forgetfulness. Drink that and you reset your talents. You can get one from your lvl/event chests. But if you still don’t have any then you can buy one from the “Odds and Ends” vendor downstairs in highsteppe (don’t know 100% sure anymore if it is odds and ends or an other NPC :thinking: )

PS: Ranger isn’t useless


Can confirm Potion of Forgetfulness is still sold by the Odds and Ends vendor.

PS: I agree, ranger is a very capable class.


Not sure what level you are, but I’d suggest you at least take the Precision skill. THis makes it so that if you time the release of your arrows with the vibration of the controller (coincides with the blue bar charging up on your bow) you do solid damage on just that mechanic alone. YOu’ll be releasing an arrow every .8 to 1 second. Also using Piercing arrow with charged shot makes a big difference. Poison arrow is also important. The other arrows are useless in 99% of archer life.

Beyond that I’d take Rapid Charge, Globe Master. I’m kind of forgetting at the moment the name of the one I took at 15, it’s the one on the right with the description along the lines of arrows have a chance to do additional damage.

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