How do you skywalk?

I see a lot of people skywalking and I want to try but I don’t know how.

Walk to one corner of your room, rotate 180 degrees using your joysticks, walk to the other side of your room, rinse and repeat.

A safer way is to just lean. I lean and it’s just as effective if not more effective.

It might be safer, but I guarantee its not more effective.

I’m not a fan of teaching people how to skywalk, tbh…


There’s a reason I don’t have a video on it :slight_smile: It leads to people cheating. DO THE LICH KING RIGHT DARNIT


Exactly, lich isn’t that hard anyway. Stick to the shoulders, you’ll be fine


Oh wait? Skywalking? You mean that not intended way to move through not accessible areas? :slight_smile:

Is really almost everyone in the community ok with exploiting bugs and using them as if they were intended? I mean am I the only one who finds it ridiculous? Specially when you guys are teaching it on forums where people shouldnt even talk about storyline to not spoil it for others? :smiley:

you know… If you guys ever find a way to get unlimited Drams or any other “handy” bug I hope youll share it for others also :wink: LOL

Lol you goofball, we already reported the unlimited dram bug.

There really was one? :smiley:
Why that one gets fixed? I havent seen any “How to unlimited Dram” posts :sweat_smile:

btw now for real… using skywalking is a regular bug exploit that should get fixed ASAP because of the Lich issue + many others or at least should be “illegal” if fixing it will be a big problem…

Skywalking will never get fixed, trust me

It’s an easy fix, surely. A lot of the area blacks out around there, they could just push that further to avoid it


Maybe make the entire zone above Lich black you out as well

Just don’t skywalk to beat content. Where’s the honor and glory in a battle that a blind and deaf 2 year old could win.


If you have to cheat to beat luchs king maybe you shouldn’t be at that level lol

I reply fast

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I always see people skywalk and die on the Lichking. So that’s a thing too ^^

There are definitely ways to fix skywalking, such as what they tried to do in some places. I think one game had it where if you walk out of bounds, the game pushes you back as you try to go out of bounds. (and you fall if you go above a “void”).

Granted, that could cause issues so a bounce/teleport layer could work in addition to that (only a few games have it, but basically it is a layer where if you touch it, it bounces you to the nearest checkpoint).

Paladin hammer through walls could be fixed by what they have in some areas that stop the hammer from being thrown through them.

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Just create invisible zones that kill you if you entire them and you’d have to skywalk in order to actually hit these you couldn’t just graze it standing on the edge :joy::joy::joy:

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or just have the dev of orbus make like every zone have black screen or even bring you back to spawn point