How do you think pet breeding will be?


I myself am very excited and before they announce the details or release next sprint I am curious what you guys think the new pet breeding will be like! : ))


I just don’t know what the appeal is. Nobody at end-game ever seems to want or have their pet out. The idea of “lets make our dragons mate” is weird af to me, but I guess it’s an alright system to use if you want to be able to mix colors of dragons and stuff. Are you going to be able to trade them? Neat…but I’m not sure what the use is if nobody keeps their pets out anyways. Are the pets going to have unique “tricks” or something that you can show off?

Give me a pet that I can raise and then ride, or a pet that is like a weak, but useful, party member in fights and then we’ll start talking about my interest in them.


I think it sounds like it could be a fun system. It isn’t going to be for everyone, but I think it gives people something else to do if they are not into running dungeons. Plus I know I have cut my hours back to only get on when I can get groups of 5 together. It would be nice to have other things to do when less people are on.


I hope there will be many combinations of both type and colors that would need much time to discover them all, not just those 5-6 possibilities.
Hell, give me a pokedex worth to complete!


I would like a system like the chaos in Sonic. It a way to pass time in a game in a non stressful matter and show your little friends around. Maybe even add pets minigames like combat or race. That would be awsome.


I think the reason people are not bringing their pets out is because it gives disadvantages and annoyances in things like fighting and other activities (e.g. fishing). The most annoying one being the hit boxes of the dragons messing things like attacks up. That is my reason for dumping the dragon. If this annoying hitbox is removed I would always keep my dragon out.


OMG, please don’t add a pet race. I would quit my job and just spend the rest of my life breeding the perfect racing dragon. Wulf Dragon Stables would be the envy of any dragon racing fan.


We’ll see about that! My Latios will be the fastest dragon in the history of Orbus!


but my Snake will poison him in the arena !


Shiki. . . Steven is ready!


We’ll have a puppy :heart:


I think it can be fun, especially if they expand on it as the go. They could go beyond just raising and collecting the pets and eventually build out pet battles, etc. There is a lot to build off of with pets.

Not everything has to be about end game content and getting better gear. It can be about just having fun in a town with other people. The pets add to the atmosphere, in that case. When in a tough dungeon or raid, it’s reasonable to expect people to put away their pets.


I think when we breed we get an egg we have to hatch…(not trolling, I’m pretty sure I read that someplace)


Not to mention no1 has their pet out because most people have the same exact one… Bronze Drake anyone?


It seems like it appeals most to the non-forum crowd (read: more casual audiences). To that end, we can hope it brings in some fresh blood and makes the newbies we get stay longer.

Also, +1 to minigames we can play with our pets. Race? Fire breathing contest?


That’s hands down the best post :joy: :joy: :joy: … if it’s something with eggs I hope they don’t include these joyful moments when after like a 10 miles walk an “Oh?” crappy stupid sell-at-once-pidgeotto hatches :smile:


The big question here is: will i be able to consume unhatched dragoneggs to get cool benefits like a Firebreath?!:star_struck:


you monster :smiley:


Please make pets weigh 0!


There was no pet dragon, cannot compute =[