How does loot drop participation work?

I am aware that the more damage you do, the more experience you receive.

However, how exactly does loot drop participation work? For example, if there was a solo warrior and a party of two mages killing the same mob, would the tank (dealing considerably less damage) have the same chance for items to drop as the party of two mages?


The way I understood it, if everyone is in the same party, then everyone has the same %xp (depending on player level) and the same chance for loot drops. This way tanks/healers that don’t do much damage will still benefit equally.
If you are not in the same party, then it’s based on the amount of damage done. The individuals doing the most damage get the higher % of xp and the higher chance of a drop.

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I remember them saying that it’s not just damage, and that the amount of aggro you get is factored in. so if you taunt as a warrior or heal someone as a musketeer, you still get credit based on the amount of threat you accumulate over the course of killing the mob. Heal the person it’s attacking, and you’re on the aggro list. That way tanks and healers aren’t just doing charity work.

Quote from this thread explains the xp.

And for the loot, Riley explains that in this thread(around message 359)

That party xp description isn’t right. I know it’s the lead dev saying it, but I’ve tested it and if two rangers are in a party together, the xp is relative to how much damage (maybe threat) they do. It is NOT split evenly amongst everyone that has any threat.

My test: do very little damage to one mob while other player does most. Then do the opposite. Definitely not equal.

Are the two Rangers the same level?

I don’t think so, but that’s not relevant.

Actually it is relevant (if you are getting different amounts of xp per player) but you’re correct in that it shouldn’t change the mechanic overall

Actually it is not. I understand that you get different xp based on level (I’m not a friggin idiot). You are misunderstanding my test.

If a level 14 and 15 attack a mob and the 14 does 90% of the damage, the xp split will be like 80xp to the 14 and 10xp to the 15. If they reverse who does the most damage it would be like 70xp to the 15 and 12xp to the 14. These are not real numbers, I’m just illustrating that yes I understand different levels get different xp and that is not related to getting different xp based on relative contribution.

I mean I know the mechanic overall works as it should, perhaps there is an edge case or something? We will run some tests to verify that it is working as intended in the situation you described. If you test it again and see those results and can give us the real numbers (e.g. this is how much XP I got at this level, they got this much, this is what we attacked) that would also be helpful for tracking it down.

There are a number of factors that go into how much XP you actually earn (level differences are one, the bonus XP you get for secondary classes might be another) but in theory as you said the two kills should net the same amount of XP to each person between each attack…

It has been a couple weeks, but I was standing around in the rainforest with PinDragon and trying to figure out different mechanics and that is one that I tested. I’ll test it again and take a video in case I can reproduce it.

I am also seeing what dogtato is describing.

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