How in the heck am I supposed to tank in the ancient temple? (using a warrior)

The reason I am asking this question is because recently I ended up tanking for an ancient temple shard, and it was a disaster.

I ended up dying on both of the bosses once (2 wipes in 1 shard.)

As for the first boss, I’m pretty sure I got it down.

But the second one? God no! The tank buster is an obvious mechanic, but I have no clue how to deal with the ground slam.

I am mainly asking to know how to tank the second boss, but any other information would be helpful.

Sword rush to a friend, or jump out, don’t eat the damage. Also you need a healer. And have you figured out the orbs and the mist effects yet?

It is really hard and takes a lot of practice, that’s why most our warrior tanks switched to pally on this boss at some point.
As a warrior you gotta practice jumping out of the big green AoE (which is a tadbit too big for that actually, so requires lots practice :-/ ), there is other methods like kiting I believe, but these are even harder.

With a good healer and some armor you can stand inside the AoE though, even as a warrior, up to certain shard levels, I believe up to around 8-9ish it should not be a problem.

(If you die on lower shards then possibly your group sucks, and like Burnator said you should check if all figured out the rest of mechanics with the 3 colors and all…)

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I know what the orbs and mist effects do, it’s just that I don’t usually need to think about those due to the fact that the only ancient temples I have ran, I ended up tanking.

Something I forgot to ask until now, but is it possible to do the mist keeper without said mist keeper moving?

Yes. Most end game groups do it without moving Mist Keeper. It definitely makes things easier