How old is my character?

Greetings, fellow Orbians
I was trying to find out when I started playing. That should be kinda 3 or 4 months ago, I’d like to be more accurate when someone asks me
I wish I had saved the email with my receipt, but I don’t.

Is there any way in game to check that? I saw somewhere how many hours I’ve been playing, but not the date I started (my birth)

You can look up your character. Note that it’s picky about capitalization (for instance, mishka doesn’t pull me up but Mishka does).

It’ll have graphs and everything :slight_smile:

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But it doesn’t have the date his character was created, which is what he wanted i think.

Does the time played chart not go back that far? I thought it went back as far as the player was created. Woops :confused:

That was not what I was looking for, but I really like all that information. Thank you for that!

nope the armory works differently it takes logs of players after someone looks them up

So, there is another way to see when you bought it. If you bought it on Oculus you can go to some tab don’t remember i haven’t used the Oculus app in forever. But on steam you can scroll down on the feed of the game and it will say " %yournamehere% added Orbus Vr: Reborn, to your steam library. above that will tell you the date you bought the game.

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If you bought it via the oculus store, they email you a receipt to the email address that is tied to your oculus account. That might still be there.

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This was the first thing I tried. I didn’t find that email, so I was considering another form to check it


Your message made me think.
“email THAT IS TIED TO your oculus account”
I just remembered that it should be the same email that is tied to my FB account.
Just opened that old account and found the email with the date. Damn, I’m not playing for 3 months yet

Thank you @Gutsash, for bringing such an insight


Unfortunately I don’t think we keep track of when a character got created, at least from what I’m seeing.

Alternatively, you could see when you started on the forums (if that was around the same time you started playing) by checking when you got the Greetings message. Nov 28 2018 for me. Time sure does fly.

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sure does almost a year here, 1000 hours in game across all my accs i miss being newer ;’)

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just a thought from reading this, would it be possible to make the new tutorial give the “spark of a guardian” achievement from now on? this way people have a way to tell the characters creation date (or close to it)