How to Access Accounts

Recently I had to buy the game again bc of technical issues and switching to Steam. I transferred the Oculus Account to Steam but I am not trying to lose the 2 character Alts the I paid for. So the question is:

How can I access the two Character Alts I paid for on my Oculus Quest? Since I gave the headset to my brother, I should still be able to have an account on that device as well so how would I get the two Characters onto the Oculus since I transferred the original account and should still be able to use the new one I purchased?

Assuming you signed up on that quest with a different account, email and everything, the only way to access those two characters is to email/PM a dev to log you out of your current account on steam so you can log into the ones on your quest. And then will have to ask again so you can log back on to your main Orbus account.

I have my original accounts from oculus linked to my steam account. I want to know how I access the two new ones I should be granted for the purchase I made on steam @Jake_E

My steam got linked to my oculus account so how can I use the steam email or whatever to log in to the new ones on the other headset?

You would have to have your oculus characters unlinked from your stream profile. Then you can make a new orbus account with a new email and log in to the stream account with it. There’s no way to easily log in and out of profiles.

Yea I have it in my steam account I want to use the email linked to steam on an oculus headset bc my oculus account were moved to steam and I lost two character I could have made

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