How to find Quest objectives?

I was not apart of the Closed Alphas, I know that you must follow the compas to find the lowland forest, and I do but then I come to the edge of the hill and can’t find a way down.

Yeah that’s a little confusing because you actually have to head away from that direction to go down the stair to get off the plateau first. They are located past your Player House next to Cenn’s Farm on the right side…you should see two flags/banners flying next to them. Go down those steps and around and follow your compass toward Lowland Forest.

Oh, I didn’t even realize I already had a house… I will look for that when I am able to get back on. Thanks for your quick reply.

Yeah but he is probably going for the Lowland Forest because he needs to kill a “King Stag”. And that beast is now located at the first teleport pillar. So he shouldn’t go down the stairs actually…

Unless @Dylan_H you are going to the Lowland Forest for a different reason?

Nope, I’m Looking for the King Stag.

Oh yeah I thought we updated the quest text for that, sorry. The King Stags are past the houses, go down the stairs from the tutorial zone and area and take a left and head straight past all the houses and the central square, there are some trees behind them and you will see them there.

Oh, alright! Yeah the quest text needs to be updated then haha

Is there any plan for a map so you would be able to see the stairs and hills so you can properly plan your route while using your compass to help guide you on the map? @Riley_D

We’re thinking of putting in a static map (e.g. something Guardian Bart would draw and give you), but we’re definitely not going to do like a “Marauder’s Map” where it shows you exactly where you are, where the quest objective is, etc. But yeah having a general overview of the region would be a nice addition to the journal for sure.


Maybe a cloud covering map, the area’s shape and name would be shown once player has reached and/or passed thru. No need to spot out player’s position on map but still has the basic info (names / environments).

In VR, I think player could recognize the location from map thru eye-sight (like in reality). Of coz some would still be lost even with a full detailed map, should leave that problem to solve by talking to others on same area or… goto high ground lol…

Definitely no quest locations / destinations on map, just ruining the fun and social experiences. At the same time, quests’ texts need to be more specified and comprehensible to make use of a simply map.

I think a map that has the town names on it would be fine. As most maps have towns labeled.

Is there any potential for adding more stairs, like at the north end of Highsteppe? Given how central it is and how the quests send you largely N and NE of town, it seems like it might help to open that up a bit.

Yeah we’re definitely considering adding that.

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