How to get the tinkerer transmog blueprint?

So like the title says i dont know where to find that blueprint. I dont think it is obtainable right now. I have asked so many people about it nobody has it or knows where to get it. I really want to make that thing and everything just not the blueprint :confused:

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Are you talking about the expedition chest transmog? I don’t think anyone knows where that is. I’ve heard speculation that it’s related to a hidden quest in the wastelands (i.e. the broken the sword pieces) but it’s only speculation. And I don’t think anyone has completed that quest yet.

I saw only one person with it. I didn’t ask how he got it and I can’t remember who it was. I’ve been trying to get my hands on it for a while x3

It was the chest or he tried to recreate it using red and green dye. However, I’m sure he did in fact have it

Mmmh I thought I heard it was indeed from the hidden sword pieces quest stuff thingy. From a person who had it directly from a dev. So semi reliable sourc. But that this quest is not fully imlemented yet so it is unobtainable. Maybe they sneaky fully implemented it now?

But tinkering has been out for a while now and the chest transmog is available from the wardrobe.

But now that you mention a hidden sword quest, I did see a few items around the map that looked like sword pieces. Perhaps I should go investigate further. But if the chest is in-game, surely players would have found it by now.

So we figured out an issue that caused this to not drop like it should have been - in the next patch, both this and the gear mount will be dropping reliably from the grinding device loot tables.


yay thank youuu ^^

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