How would your name sound followed by 'and the Crystal Gems?'

If that sounds totally awesome, then you should consider joining the Crystal Gems! We are a new fellowship that strives to be excellent to everyone! We’re looking for people who would like to casually meet up for dungeons, raids, and quests or fishing! Let us, help you!

If you’re interested, please DM Malachite to chat and figure out a time to meet in-game and get to know one another. :grin:

Just remember- we will always save the day, and if you think we can’t, we’ll always find a way!!


I’m looking for a fellowship. What times does everyone usually get on and play? I’m EST and usually on around 6-10 EST. Level 13-ish Runemage.

I usually play about 6-10 during the week if I can log on and then it’s more open on the weekends. So far, the fellowship is mostly in CST I believe. But that just puts you an hour ahead I think. Do you have a day this week where you’d want to meet up?

Helloy tag is ManaMongrel and I live in North Carolina and can play today around 6 I would love to join

I’ll look for you in Highsteppe. I’m Malachite in game!

So, I made a discord channel for the guild, as an easier way to spread information. You should be able to follow the link the below and find us.


We just made it to level 3 and have some more spots available. :slight_smile: if anyone is looking for a casual guild that’s focused on building community and having fun, send me message.