HP bar In a more obvious place?


I was wondering if it could be maybe even just an option but to make the HP bar (maybe include the other one) similar to the XP bar (aka big) somewhere thats more obvious (slightly looking down/up or a HUD attachment) I can’t tell you how many times i didnt realize i was being hit or was halfway dead before i looked at the small HP bar on my gun before i did something about it. Ive also seen other players who have no idea they are getting hurt or are hurt and run into the next fight unknowing. Most of the time i’m looking at what orbs im grabbing, the monster itself or grabbing other objects and not noticing the small bar on my weapon.

I know the intent was to not have anything in your main vision, but it feels like it should be more of a focus in a game like this. Maybe it’s much better on other classes but as someone who is healing i see people forget to look more often than not.


When soloing as a warrior I don’t really have time to look at the shield to see hp, so I mostly using visual feedback which is not very precise but helps. The most troubles I’m having with mobs spawning behind and start attacking from the back and sometimes you noticing this quite late. If this the case, what about distinctive sound when you getting aggro, like loot bag dropping - I know that I got loot no matter how busy I am :grin:


Mobs just need to make louder (and unique) sounds when they are nearby, approach to attack, or attack. I feel a lot of the frustration comes from not knowing when you’re about to take damage. I would even welcome a slight red tint that quickly fades every time I take damage; make it more vibrant the more damage I take. Or you can add vibration to the controllers… I dunno, but some feedback before you’re literally about to die would be nice.


Or rear view mirror​:joy::joy::joy:


I’ve had this same issue, but also really like not having the hp bar forced into my face. Maybe what we need is more interface customising options? I’d like the option to choose if my health bar displays like my exp bar, on my weapon, or as a small indicator hanging in the corner of my view.


Yah I’m always happy with options, I don’t think something like this should ever be forced on people who like it as it is. I just noticed that myself and people in usually trying to heal are often not noticing.


I was going to start a new post, but I found this one.
This kinda goes away once you hit cap, but while leveling it’s easy to pull agro from nearby mobs and get them on your back, and I’ve only noticed once my health was far enough gone to trigger the red overlay, and by then I’m toast. We really need some notification that we are taking hits before we reach unrecoverable health. Many mobs don’t seem to make any sounds on hits (I was grinding cactar last night). Perhaps a color flash per hit, similar to the red overlay on low health. Bonus to make it directional so we know which way to look for the attacker quickly.


We have recently hired a sound designer that will be working with us on many aspects of the game including adding sounds to monster attacks, including different sounds for different types of monsters. This should greatly reduce the amount of unknown attacks you encounter.

There will be a blog post talking about the new members and their roles going forward coming out sometime in the near future.


Make the spawning sound louder or louder and different from the normal sounds plz. And the normal sounds not too loud and obnoxious that it gets in the way of voice chats :grin::grin::grin:


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