HUD Healthbars/ Ult etc.?

I’d like to have some kind of HUD rather than a health bar on my weapon. Just right above the nose maybe or at the top of FOV.

Play shammy :upside_down_face:

This is not a solution.

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What class do you currently play?

Runemage, Musky, Pally, Scoundrel.

In that order. I play others but those aren’t 30 so irrelevant.

Regardless my class choice shouldn’t have to be based on which has the best health/ Ult bar location.

A “view locked” hud would just be a lot better. Would never have to look away from the fight and stop fighting all together just to check my health.

On top of that if we had that style of HUD healers could now have party members health bars as well.

Personally, I don’t like having a HUD in VR. Maybe if you could toggle it on or off


Oh of course this should be an options in the setting for the original and a new hud if they were to implement it.

I know you can see the screen go red when low health but that’s just not enough for me. I’d like to just always see my health bar and even see a numeric value to my health. As in if your max health is 2500 for example then your health bar would read 2500/2500 at max health until dropped it could say 1500/2500 if that’s the amount of health lost. Just an example. It could even be percent based numbers or better have both.

Yeah, something set in the corner, always visible, regardless of where you’re looking(toggable, of course), that has the numeric value for you HP along with a normal bar would be nice. You could add bars for specials and sprint and blue n crap, too. idk, just spitballing

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I mean, I have no problem with the current HUD. They are placed in a convenient location (well not mage - I flip the wand upside down so I can see what I’m casting x3. That and scoundrel, but I can’t really change that)

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I actually like where the mage health bar is. When I’m casting spells I’m already looking in that general direction anyways, and I think that is the reason that the devs put the health bars on the weapons in the first place.

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