Huge frame rate issue during raid



Basically, yeah. And then if someone could just like watch the graph as the boss is getting ready to be killed ideally with the stats window and the boss in view so I can see exactly when the FPS gets better…

But yeah we’ll see what happens. I may also end up moving it someplace else once it’s implemented.


Sent the log via email, will send the video once it’s uploaded


Okay, great thanks. So looking at the log, I don’t think it’s the same issue as the 1 FPS issue, I don’t really see any major errors or anything. So we’ll have to wait for the new FPS counter thing I implemented so we can get some video with that and we can hopefully see what’s going on that way…

It’s interesting that you all said it’s worse now than it was before, though, since I’m not really sure what would have changed…


For what it’s worth, it seemed roughly equivalently as bad to me.


It is worse than before for me. Same setup as draven pretty much including the pro hmd except i have a gen8 i7. Definitely gets worse over time on longer fights.


While it effects rangers ability to shoot, it doesn’t stop us, where mages, it just causes them to fail their spells which does pretty much stop them, so that’s probably why it doesn’t feel as bad for me

Going to look at getting some proper video editing software cause uploading a big file to youtube then trimming it down seems to be taking forever to finish so should speed stuff up next time


I recorded this while using Oculus Tray Tool to show frame rate while doing hardmode boss 4 @Riley_D


lots of lag and dropping frame rates during that boss for for me. Some particularly bad ones during AOEs …


Same problem for me, casting is almost impossible, only at the 4+5 raid boss on normal and hard mode


I see what you mean in that video. I do sometimes see a correlation between the red AoE effect and the framerate going down, but there are lots of other times it drops down to 45 FPS even when there is no AoE. It doesn’t seem to be related to spell casts or to the notifications of the runesmith procs, either…

Anyone else see any obvious correlations in that video where it’s consistently going down while something is happening?


Maybe it has to due with how the server is taking in information regarding the bosses shared health?


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