Huge frame rate issue during raid



So during last night’s raid, on boss 5 I had a huge frame rate issue, I was recording at the time and went back to watch it and it seemed like it happened when I used my ultimate however I did notice that I would get lower than normal frame rate whenever there was a lifewell on the ground but it was still playable unlike when this happened.

Sending output logs now


That happen to me too. Also on Boss 4…


Riley replied to my email for the output log saying he knows what is causing it and is working on a fix to go out this week





Just to keep the community up to date on the issue because I think Riley is busy.

I sent 2 logs to Riley (like rickness) immediately after experiencing a drop to 1fps.

Riley responded to both emails about 1 fps in highsteppe and 1 fps on boss 5 saying that he thinks that he has found the issue and he will work on a fix.


The patch is now out, so let us know if it helped!


Got the patch thanks, will let you know if I have any more problems like this


Everyone seemed to have lower than normal frame rate on Boss 4 tonight, once we were over half way it seemed to start happening, it wasn’t as extreme as this video I posted but I will send log and upload a vid of it tomorrow as it’s 1:30am now so bed time, work tomorrow


There is still an issue with the frame rate. It happened to a bunch of us on boss 4. It makes it really hard to cast as a mage when this happens.


My frame rate seemed worse than normal on boss 4 today. I even got two “loading screens” that lasted over 10 seconds each.


Yep, still happening as of tonight. For our next raid night, I’m going to try to get an FPS meter in the recording to track the exact impact over the fight.


Good call, do you know if there is anything in OBS for this?


Did anyone save their logs to send to me?

I’m not sure if it’s the same issue or not, since the previous issue wouldn’t really be anything specific to Boss 4, but if I can get some logs I can check and make sure.


Its not unique to boss 4, its just more apparent due to the length of the fight and the nature of the mechanics… Any raid fight over 5 mins starts feeling the lag, over 10 it becomes impactful but manageable and over 15 it can significantly impact things like spellcasting. It doesn’t affect everyone equally but it does seem to affect everyone to some extent. Current theory is that it’s based on CPU as I have 32 gig of ram, a 1080 ti but an older i7 whereas people with current high end i7s are less affected. We didn’t crash from it so I didn’t think we’d have logs to send… Is that incorrect?


Definitely still send me the logs even if you don’t crash, because for example the 1 FPS issue was caused by an error that was happening over and over again like every other frame which was very apparent in the log file.

However, it may be that I fixed that issue and this is just the same old issue from before where as the fight goes on performance is suffering. But still, having the log file to check just to be sure is always nice.

Regarding that, my current investigation on that is based on the comment someone made that they noticed that as soon as one boss is killed on Boss 4, the performance improves instantly and dramatically. Is that still the case? It seems to center around the boss being defeated?


It’s hard to say on if it’s when it’s defeated or when the corpse disappears, since it’s so close together, but yes, when 1 of the 2 twins is killed, there is an enormous drop in the lag. I’m not sure I’d say it’s gone 100% until we kill the second boss a few minutes later, but it’s an undeniable immediate improvement.


I believe I saved the logs, was late last night and had work this morning so didn’t want to stay up to mess around sending logs.

I also recorded the fight, I will get it uploaded once I’m home in an hour or so and get them both sent to you


I am adding this as a new feature in the update coming out next week, so that should hopefully help us track down these kinds of issues, since we’ll have more concrete data on when the FPS drops/returns to normal:


Thats perfect! Thanks


Awesome! So once we have that feature, then during that fight, we just make sure we glance up at the counter every once in a while to show the progression and shoot you the video?