I am a user playing in Korea

Good morning
I am a user playing in Korea

It’s hard to understand because it’s all English in playing this game
There are café members enjoying together.

I want to play a game easier.

Every time I do not know, I use Google Translator

It’s too long and complicated.

Yesterday, only 2 hours of tutorials

It took me 2 hours to become a wizard.

Not many users
Enjoying the Orbus
I would like a Korean patch for Korean users.


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If you change to Korean, the number of Korean users will increase a lot

Hey there, making the game available for translation is something that we’re looking to do in the future, and we thank you for the interest.

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Should not we translate the file and translate it directly?

Is it under development?

We’re working on preparing it so that it is able to be translated, once it is we will have more details to share about the process.

Can I get a script and work on it in advance?

When is it possible?
Do not have an exact date?

When will it be possible? Can you give me a rough date?

We don’t have a date right now, sorry. But we are working on it.

This is literally the funniest thing I’ve ever read on the internet. I love you, never change.

Thank you
I hope it’s sooner.

Thank you Damon.
I love you too

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