I can’t wait to join all of you!

I bought my Oculus Rift a month ago and have been playing all the free games that have been released, as well as a few games I got on sale like Super Hot and Onward.

I have read and watched a ton about Orbus and I can confidently say it will be the next game I buy when the great planets align, and my bills and necessities are paid for, and I still have money left over.

I have played WoW for 11 years and absolutely love the idea of a VR MMO. I will report back as soon as I get in the game but I just wanted to say “Hey, you’ve got one more player coming around the corner!”

Feel free to add me on Steam
Nekrosis (the one in NC)


Welcome ! We look forward to you joining!

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Welcome! This game is honestly a breath of fresh air in the VR space. I’ve spent 40 hours in it and have plenty of things left to do. Not many VR games with this kind of length and community.

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