I cloned myself

We’re taking a look, it seems like the highsteppe zone crashed which caused that to happen - we’re investigating the cause. Thanks for reporting.

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Maybe we can keep him as a trophy? He’s quite pretty

Maybe we can shrink him and he can be your pet?

Omg yes
Give everyone a mini Xenocider

I would take one

having a mini Xenocider as a pet/slave would be Awesome

First I was told I’d look good on someone’s wall well sike now I’m a pet
For just 3 easy payments of 30000 dram, the Xenocider pet can be yours today! fast speaking We are not responsible for any injury your pet may inflict on you or your belongings or any emotional abuse it throws at you. That’s your problem. end of fast speaking

I would go into debt again for that

How can I get that flying pet?

Later on in the DLC

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Thanks, I pause DLC since I found Zaarp. Looks like I have to go back asap!