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The players who are unable to speak because they are silent, will be able to communicate better? the problem is that the only way to communicate is to talk or indicate with your hands, would not it be better to implement some functions similar to extraction of the compass but using for example signs with default messages? for example: “I need go afk” or “Thanks for Help” etc.
It would be a nice feature to implement with Reborn. Thanks for the attention


You can tipe messages to friends. Its a bit annoying, like all typing in vr, but it works. A bit more common pretiped clickable is not a bad idea.

Reborn got fingers so that’s a bit more comunication.


A player named Elk never spoke and utilized the typing messages function without much issue. If he was able to the entire time, i’m sure you can too.


Like burn said, the beta had hand gestures built in, you could point, thumbs up, make a fist, have your hand out flat, we even played rock paper scissors with it, was a huge improvement from the current game, while this doesn’t directly answer your request, it does make things a little easier for you

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