I have to activate my account every time I come back to the forum

Whenever I come to the main page it says I’m logged in on the top right. Once I click the community tab, it takes me to a page that says it sent an activation to my email. Since Thursday, I have received 9 emails when I try to log in. Anyone else have this problem?

Someone else had this issue and it was because their email on their https://orbusvr.com/account page was capitalized. Try checking that and make sure it’s all lowercase.

Weird. Worked like a charm.

Thanks Riley

I am also having this issue, just changed my email to all lowercase and see if it still happens.

Same my email is all lower case and i have to activate every time i close the window and come back.

I just pushed out a fix that should hopefully keep this from happening. You may have to log out and back in for it to take effect, though.

works now did not have to re activate this time thanks.