I’m super desynced, went on my alt & my main is still in world

So, happened last night; log out button wasn’t working so I had to hard quit out of a usual desync a couple of times. And then the teleport orbs and teleport pillars wouldn’t work. I happened to sign in on my alt, tested the telport orb and it worked and then turned around and I see my main character frozen in game. I could logout on my alt but when going back to my main I had all the same problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading

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Sounds like you have a trickster goblin token on you.
Having one or more in your inventory prevents you from teleporting, trading and gives you a 10 min logout timer, which means even if you force quit your character will still be there for 10 min.

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As potato said you probably have a trickster on you, check your inventory , if you have one just walk to the gates of highsteppe or go through guildcity.

Okay, thank you. I don’t pvp at all but I did just get one from the stalls last night so this is my answer. Thanks again