I think a new type of class is needed

I think a new type of class is need for the people who want to melee but don’t wanna be a tank. Maybe like a scythe or knife, just something besides the sword and hammer.

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Melee exists and this has been suggested several times now.


most melee classes block dps projectiles. Melee dps would add to this and mean less damage is done

Just shoot around them

Ghost class. Everything goes through you.

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Except right now ghost class is the perfect shield. Nothing goes through them :upside_down_face:

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Can confirm, I tankee Lich King on a 13 as a Fisherman for the first two hits, and a Ghost for the rest of the fight :laughing:

Is the fisherman an actual class, or a joke, because i have heard about it before but i cannot find anything about it ingame

It was an old game combat class that got dropped when the fishing rod became a tool and not a weapon.

I mean unless you’re me and you tank with fishing rods.

That’s not a joke sometimes I enjoy using fishings rods (just a visual thing).

Would be nice for warrior to duel wield or get two handed weapon for dps. Or rouge class.


Top 10 most unheard of ideas

#10: rogue

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There is several problems with adding a melee dps class to the game, some of which have already been mentioned, but the greater inherent mechanical problem is this: a lot of bosses and enemies in the game move. This isn’t a problem for tanks because they have agro on the enemies but if you have ever tried to combo with a warrior or even hit an enemy with a paladin while it is walking away from you you would realize how hard and more importantly frustrating and unfun it is to try to stay within arms reach of something that is walking away from you.