I want a cat pet please

I wish to propose to the devs the idea of adding a cat pet to the game my reasoning is this. game has a ton of Amazing Pets like monkeys, lizards, and chickens. even mythical pets like the Snowman and elongata and hundreds of different combinations of dragons. you can even get certain bosses as pets. or you can get straight up just an object like a balloon or walking chest. but I don’t see pets that are a bit closer to home. so this is why I propose that we should get a cat pet. more specifically and orange tabby cat. for the reasons of
one they are more affectionate than other breeds of cats.
two orange tabbies are an extremely popular breed of cat so most players can connect with the pet and have a deeper connection with it.
three they are very cute
I hope the devs will take what I have suggested into consideration for the next upcoming pet


A cat pet would be pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Oooo or a glowing cat! Or star cat shard legendary shard pet.


Having a GHOST CAT or transparent style cat would be better. But a dog would even more awesome than a cat! Wooooooffffff


There already is a dog pet. Its called the windup Rupert pet and its the same model as the shaman ultimate. Its a rare drop from the forsaken isles.

She means like the doggo in Highsteppe.

Rupert seems more like a magic-wolf to me. XD


I did suggest a black cat for the harvest festival like the one in the dark ally off fellowship. A carpet would be a nice alternative to the Rupert pet from the isle.

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A dog pet would be rad, you can throw the treats and if they don’t hit a pet your dog can go fetch it. All my dram would go to stacks of pet treats so I can play fetch in Highsteppe


what if there were cat and dog pets and there could be an equivalent fetch race below the dragon races and the pets would have to go through obstacles


I want a calico cat in game, too. They are so pretty🤩

  1. Cats are not better than Rupert.
  2. Rupert is more like God’s gift to women than a dog.
  3. Carpets are not cooler than Rupert.
  4. You can never have too much Rupert.
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One word



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