Iceheart does not increase dps of crit part of damage

Figured out Iceheart is currently not increasing the damage of the critical part of a damage hit. This is the only thing that is not linearly increasing with the crit.

So lets say:

  • You do 10000 damage
  • Iceheart would make it 1.05x10000=10500 damage
  • Then your 10000 damage crits and becomes 15000 damage
  • Then you have Iceheart. And you expect to get 1.05x15000=15750 damage
  • Sadly, the damage becomes 1.05x10000 + 5000 = 15500. You loose 250 damage from this bug. -__-

Classes who crit more often will have way bigger downsides to this fact.


That is an interesting find. I wonder if the 3% from Giantkiller works in the same way for crits. Any chance you’ve done any testing for that?

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Yeah was thinking the same. I have not checked Giantkiller yet.

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Yup giantkiller same problem. By default 3% boost. But becomes less when crits.


I did some math to see how much this would actually affect the non-scoundrel classes and this is what I found. It has a fairly significant impact.

also for charged strikes I’m preaty sure its every 10 (and I used that in my math) but I’ve heard some people say every 15 or 20 so I need to hit a dummy a couple hundred times before I can really say for sure its every 10.

It used to be every 15. They changed it a long time ago in pre-born to 10. But it still lingers on some old old wiki’s saying 15. Charged strikes is triggering every 10. And if you are on 9, a DoT will steal the crit at 10th hit, but won’t count as 10th hit. This is why charged strikes is super chitty of an affix for classes with DoTs and high crit rate too.

Maximum possible crit damage is 1.61 btw. Not 1.63. The scav rings only increase crit chance. Not crit damage. Same for critical strikes potion. I know this 100% sure, because I constantly run numbers dividing in game numbers with each other. You can have the max 1.61 by: 8% crit damage from armour + 3% Empowered Affix on your ring.

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I see, my mistake was that I thought empowered gave 5% instead of 3%

I think this certainly makes ice heart and giant killer a decent bit less powerful but I don’t think it really changes any of the affix meta. Bleed is still miles better than the rest and ice heart bleed are the best 2.

I would love to see something to make the lesser used affixes at least close to being useful. I know there will always be a specific meta for each class but every class in the game seems to run the exact same ones. Bleed shouldn’t basically be a 10% damage buff with no requirements to work around.

I think bleed could literally be half as good and still be the best damage affix in the game

For example, I think it would be cool if lifesteal was something like a 25% chance to heal for 4% of the damage of a hit. It would still heal for a preaty unimpressive amount of health but you could use it to self proc healing tiles.

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