Idea for a new support class

a support class ment for healing multiple people the wepon a staff with diffrent abilities such as summoning minions that will attack untill dead or target(s) are killed an in combat resurect a ability a heal when the staff hits the ground will send an aoe that will heal teamates an curse breaker will instantly destroy or weaken curses on teamates and a bolt of fire that will do low amounts of damage but will have a low cooldown finally a bolt of darkness (looking simaller to the affliction spell ) to shoot at a target as damage.
The cooldowns for each abilty will very due to some being beter than others

I had a few ideas
Tier 1 either your heals will do 20% more if your minnions are out (helping hands). or your minnions do 10% more damge if you dont bring them out first (strong wait) (summon them after a heal or a diffrent action)
Tier 2
Your resurect can heal the nearest person to the person ressurected (ripple affect) or your damage bolts do 25% damage every third bolt (lucky shot)
Tier 3
The minnions get a bonus strength buff if they kill somthing (bloodlust) or the heals affect the minnions and heal them but the heals are only 75% affective to them ( TBD )
Tier 4
Pleayers damage is boosted by 30% (extra punch) or players health is increased by 30% (added life)
Tier 5
Two extra minnions from 3-5 summoned and they buff your attack by 25% (even more hands) heals and range of heals are all increased by a lot lasts for 45 seconds
After reviving somebody (reawakend strength)

The wepon consepts

The starter will look like the starter wand acept bigger and the raven skull will be on top of the staff and it will be dark black grey and marks and ruin on it

The citadel one will look like sephoteps staff but thinner and covered in skull drawings and hard mode will be just like it acept it will have the greenish blue foil around it and the marks are now green insted of white

Guild city a long metal staff with a crystal on top and organic looking scales scattred around the staff hard mode will have the same thing but it will have added crystels all over it

Armor consept
Armor type : cloth
Mainlly robes like leather robes torn robes and mabye maskes and hoods for helms
Mabye diffrent skulls or such on the shoulders

So what do you think if you have a suggestion let me know and Note:the folloing contents were all made up I made this for fun and it will most likelly not be added


i just had a seizure while reading this, cool idea tho

Honestly I was expecting to hate this idea because usually necromancer builds tend to be poorly designed but this seems preaty cool.

I think this works as compared to what I usually see mostly because it is a support rather than a dps class. This is why I think that addresses some of the problems I normally have:

  1. Necromancers are inherently noninteractive by nature of watching other things kill enemies for you. This is much more acceptable for healers than dps because healers don’t need as complex of tool kits. Much of their complexity comes from macro-gameplay like interacting with other players and resource management rather than the micro-gameplay of nuking the enemy as fast as possible.

  2. This gives some additional interaction and reason to have minions beyond just being a shaman with training wheels. You mentioned being able to heal the minions in your post and I think that that sounds really cool and would separate the playstyle from the existing healers in the game.

My suggestions:

  1. One thing you have to ask yourself whenever you think about adding a new vlass to the game is “what unique mechanical struggle is going to differentiate this class from the existing ones?” I have two possible interesting ways of flavoring the class. You could make it have just mostly single targeted heals. This makes those extra minions really feel like a core interactive mechanic of the class because you are being forced to selectively target your heals between a lot of targets and really think about where your heals should go. The other idea is make it almost exclusively aoe heals. This would make the class struggle a lot with pulling too much agro as the minions mean that there are effectively a lot more bodies recieving healing. I like this idea because it means that you really need to think about how many minions you want to send out rather than having them all out all the time.

  2. Make it so that there are several minions to choose from and you equipt them the same as like bard songs.

  3. Have supportive minions that apply buffs, debuffs, and heal. Damage minions would be great for leveling but in a serious dungeon or raid the healer should not be doing a relavant amount of dps to really matter. The bard buff a while ago is a good example of how battle healers who buff the dps’s damage are much much healthier than battle healers who try to do damage themselves.

  4. Have the minions passively die over time. The logic could be they are zombies so they naturally degrade. It is unlikely that your minions themselves are going to pulling agro off the tank so it is unlikely that they will be taking damage that way and they would need to be absurdly tanky to not get immediately 1-shot when they do get hit by projectiles and slams in higher level content. By making them slowly die over time it forces you to actually need to heal them and keep them alive.

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I have a suggestion yes, please add some punctuation next time my mind almost choked reading this :joy: otherwise a new class like this would make me play a lot more, I rarely play nowadays so great idea. Please devs… I stopped for a few months then came back and not a single item was added to the shop, it just feels like nothing new happens much. Anyone know Ark: Survival Evolved? The game where the devs always add new content and bugs but never fixes anything? Well I say this game is the exact opposite :stuck_out_tongue:

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