Idea involving the Ottathime empire

Totally my idea. It’s TOTALLY not sloths.yeh totally not his. Anyway I think what they should do is add more msq involving the ottathime empire eventually leading to you building a train to get there sorta like how isle worked. Then when you got in the train it would kinda be like a different game. Their would be a new city that could be like steampunk of like really fancy. New areas like a sand area snowy or a volcano or smth like that. New dungeons in the curry or just in the world. New world bosses for the new areas. New raids that could give even better gear with like a whole different astetic being more fancy and techy. It would be like from Preston to reborn but you still went to old game. Like there would be quests linking the two together involving improving relations between the two places and trading and that sort of stuff. It would take a couple years to make but by then a new oculus/meta headset could come out and with all the new content you could get it featured in the new headset bringing in a massive influx of players. Since it would actually be advertised. Along with that it would bring older players back as now the endgame is much longer with +7 and +8. You could have new fish, questgivers, monsters, lore making the game much longer keeping people engaged for enough time for whatever the next thing is ( if their is one ).
This would be actually insane and would be awesome


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