Ideas for Musketeer Talents


This is my dream list for a Musketeer DPS tree.

I picked fun ideas because virtually anything can be balanced so it’s not too strong or weak.

Talents 1-5:

Laser Bullet:
 When used this bullet will create a large, piercing laser beam that lasts 3 seconds.
 Any enemies hit will take some damage.
 Any allies hit will get a DPS buff for 8 seconds.

Bullet Master:
One bullet can now be “inserted” into the gun, changing its damage properties. This does not count towards your 4 equipped bullets.

 Poison: Changes white damage to Poison and applies a weaker/shorter dot.
 Ice: Changes white damage to frost and applies a shorter slow.
 Weakness: Debuff is potentially always up but has less of an effect.
 Laser: Changes gun fire to be a constant laser.
 Renew: Damage removed. Instead allies hit will get renew for 2 ticks if shot.

Enraged Bullet:
 The target(s) will do a significant amount of extra damage for 10 seconds, but will also damage themselves. This can be a great way to help the warrior build aggro if necessary.

The Specialist:
 Make an exact duplicate of your gun (Duel wielding).
 This would need a simple way to select bullets… but that wouldn’t be too hard to figure out.
 Healing orbs are disabled while duel wielding.

Cannon Fodder:
 Hold your guns together to merge them into a cannon. If shot, it activates a cooldown.


I’d like to see a more DPS oriented talent tree with a piercing weapon. Shoot the ennemy then finish it in close combat.


Hm I rarely do dmg with the 20-Musk anymore, except on very few occassions, so I would not likely spec that…
Tried to think really hard about improvements and ideas for endgame content, but the current set of heals covers my needs just fine, all the bosses went down at least once ;).
I would VERY much like a talent for one additional orb-spot, though, so just in case I need decurse or poison I do not have to throw out something else, and perhaps some shorter cds, and ok for leveling/soloing of course any method of dealing with healers would be nice like a longer stun with the gravity orb, but that’s basically it, perhaps someone got more ideas for a healing-talent-tree.


I was going to do a healing talent tree but wow there’s so many ways to go about it. Its pretty daunting.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve constantly been in situations where we have two muskys in the group, and if one could go DPS it would be better for the dungeon.


I think the 5th healing talent should be a cool down that makes the Musketeer a colossus for 10 seconds.

The party would be tiny from the musky’s perspective, so healing would be easier. The bullet AOE would also be increased to scale.

Since Orbus players don’t have legs, the Musky would be hovering over the party.

This would also be fun AF.


So why not just buff weakness orb to do the exact same thing except you don’t need to sweep the room for your allies and instead just tag the enemies with something that is better than the current weakness orb?

This is more interesting, so basically you gain the effect of the orb without really needing to slot it? So its like a 5th orb on your rotation. Feels very powerful because you get an extra orb that you can keep applying on enemies or allies.

This doesn’t make much sense at all. Warriors build aggro using provoke and not direct damage. Also this basically overlaps Weakness orb or your Laser Orb buff. If it gives them a significant damage buff but also makes them take significant damage, it won’t be worth it. If it’s not a huge amount of damage, then healing will basically cover it and it has no downsides.

Very hard to balance when there are likely simpler solutions for damage buffing.

I guess this can work…if it deals as much dps as other classes.

This sounds fun but impractical.

The ideas are pretty interesting though. I hope the talents move towards a direction where they do more than just support a specific playstyle.


I stole the idea of the guns merging together from Raw Data.


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