Idea's for ships, pirates, islands

I would absolutely ABSOLUTELY love it if you guys implemented drivable boats and ships. It would be amazing for fishing,exploring,getting to special area’s. You could even have like a pirate harbour, Even if you dont add it in the alpha,beta, or official release, it would be great if you add it as like an expansion or a special purchase from an ingame store, id happily pay 20-40$ to get a large vessel to live a life at sea with. And it would boost your server income + it wouldn’t be too demanding on the servers hopefully.


+1 for fishing boats

And if they do it right, I will get seasick :sweat_smile:

It would also be awesome to be able to dive underwater with fish, fly with airplanes, or something with space like flying in orbit and looking down on the beautiful Orbus land :smile: Dayum if all that was possible…

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I would be down for this, but I doubt very much that this would be in launch. Also, I think sky pirates in sky islands would be much cooler than just normal pirates.


Content like that would be amazing. Of course the developer has been hard at work getting the game out for us and adding content of that level probably isn’t on their radar…

That being said. For the amount of fun that could give and the way piloting and navigating a sea to another island in a future orbus patch would be amazing fun and very possibly would be a great balance of material and entertainment with a reasonably light workload compared to designing land environments.

Perheaps an option to help with motion sickness? Like keeping the camra straight or something

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I’m digging the idea! Could open of fun job rolls and pirate battles would be cool.

Pushing for this idea

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This really would add something so amazingly cool to the game. It would expand the end game fun by a boatload…


BUMP!!! i want this to be reallll

I’d actually love it as well.

Bump<3 hehehehehehehehe

Haha, I assure you Riley reads all these posts. He just doesn’t have time to reply to them all immediately. :cowboy_hat_face:

I know im just saving it from dying