Ideas for Warrior after CBT

After playing on the warrior for ~5 hours, getting full gear, level 8, and prettymuch clearing the dungeon twice (buggy boss issues)… I wanted to offer up my opinions on how the class should be changed for release. These are just ideas, and I invite other players to add their own too.

New Spells/Skills:

Tank Stance - 3x threat, Shield Damage absorb, Shield skills enabled, Normal damage (1 Sword) → Activation: Pull shield from back

Attack Stance - +100% Damage (2 Swords), Dual wield skills enabled? (not really necessary IMO) → Activation: Pull 2nd sword from hip

Leg Sweep/Hamstring - a low attack that cripples the enemy’s movement speed. → Activation: Thrust attack at enemies lower half

Charge - Double press the trigger on shield hand while holding up the shield to rush at a target and slam into them, dealing substantial damage/threat. Must be over 7 feet from mobs directly in front of Warrior. ~10 second cooldown.

Skill/Spell Changes:

Shield Bash - Should require the warrior to hold the trigger button on the shield hand when casting.

  • Reasoning: Reduce the chances of accidentally casting on enemies. Currently, when you lose agro on an enemy, they will walk through you to get to your team, which will trigger Shield Bash automatically without you intending to cast it.

Shield Block - Should require the warrior to hold the trigger button of the shield hand when casting. Raise the height of the “ground” when casting by a bit.

  • Reasoning: Only cast it when intended, not by accident. It is difficult for taller players to cast this spell due to height issues.

Taunt - Increase the cooldown from ~10 seconds to ~30 seconds. Increase threat from Highest +1 → Highest + 10%

  • Reasoning: Make the spell less spamy, and more of a reaction to losing threat rather than just part of the rotation. 10% additional aggro will give players the chance to jump up in threat without before losing it again, but not such much that it’ll make aggro too easy.

Quality of Life:

DAMAGE - I understand the idea behind not wanting Warriors to be attacking through their shields, but what’s currently implemented is too extreme… in order to do any damage at all, I have to practically drop the shield to my waist, which realistically would never happen for a shield bearer. Please lower this some. Nullify the damage if the sword contacts the back of the shield, but not the front, or reduce the collision box on them some.

Weapon - It would be nice if we could have the sword angle raised slightly so it feels like we’re holding it rather than it being an extension of our arm.

Shield - Please allow the shield health to regen while out of combat. Also, I feel like shield bash should maybe cause some durability damage to the shield?

Taunt - The sword throw takes a really long time to land, especially when throwing it far. Would it be possible to speed up the effect (not by a lot, maybe 25% or so)?


This is some pretty nice content and I purely agree with this even though I clearly had a shorter experience than yours.
The quality of life changes are a great idea and the new spells are adding useful tools to the class (prefered one is the crippling that makes a lot of sense).
Not sure having two swords would be a good idea : people will just roll their arms as if they were a fan or the robot with 4 lightsabers in Star Wars, and in a realistic point of view, 2 swords of the same size isn’t practical at all and has almost never been used in History (if someone wants to prove me wrong there I’d love to have a link !).

I have two things to add to your suggestions :
The sword would need the angle raised but also its position : we should have the hand in the middle of the hilt, not were the pommel is.
Same for the shield, wouldn’t it be more logical to have it placed to simulate an attach on the forearm rather that having it at our hand ?

Thanks for the work and the awesomeness of everyone here :slight_smile:

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As stated by Riley during the CBT, Warriors are intended to do about 1/2 the damage (along with a 3x threat modifier) of the other classes. By allowing them to Dual Wield, it would put their DPS on par with the DPS classes while at the same time removing their ability to tank.

I do agree that the sword in the off-hand should be a different size to be realistic.

I would say that the positioning of the sword/shield should be a priority for the Warrior, as well as reducing how far you need to move the shield to prevent damage nullification of your own weapon.

I’d also like to thank the Orbus Team for all their hard work so far and their awesomeness!