Identified stuck combat cause

So I believe I’ve identified at least one cause of getting stuck in combat. When you kill a target and hit the corpse before it disappears, you get put back into combat. The corpse then poofs and you’re still in combat with nothing to kill to get out of combat. I’ve recreated this a few times with success.


Thanks for reporting this. I’ll look into it as soon as I am able.


I think it also happens when you hit a mob that’s running away after you run out of combat range.

@Marshall_H Do you remember what you were fighting when you were able to create this issue? I tried it on the Redtails in Cenn’s Farm and was 0/35

I was able to recreate the stuck in combat issue when attacking a creature as it runs away once you’ve moved out of combat range. Thanks for reporting that @MagiJedi

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Worms in the desert seem to do it consistently.

I think the pet dragons might cause the “Stuck in Combat” bug as well. I only just got my pet and the same day got my first Stuck in Combat issue, possibly 10-15 in one day.
I’ve since put my pet in my house and I think I might have had the stuck in combat once, and I think I was in a party with someone that had a pet at the time. Have not gotten stuck in combat during solo play without the dragon.

I also noticed this. It rarely happened until I got the dragon. It could be because the dragon attacks late after you’ve already killed the mob.

Oh interesting okay, I’ll look at that.

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If a agroed enemy first de-agros and resets, and you then go back and kill it you get stuck in combat.

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@Riley_D I noticed in desert dungeon recently that as soon as you step foot in the dragon area of the dungeon, you’re indefinitely stuck in combat. I believe the eggs may be having the same effect the orbs were on Mist Keeper before their fix.

I seem to recall getting stuck in combat when fighting the Grund Worgs (The summoning ones) at Wenderwood after killing them during their summoning animation, but before the worgs are summoned. This was a little while ago, so this may now be irrelevant.

I had it today at least 3 times when fighting cactus in the chtonian ruins…
Could be that I hit it too after it was down already but I’m not sure

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