Identifying Mobs at a Distance

Hi - might be a stupid question - but is there an easy way to see the name of a mob from a distance? I only see the names when fighting them. I looked in the UI but didn’t see a setting for it.


try pointing at the enemy :slight_smile:

They have to make sure to enable that in settings. Its dynamic health bar i think

Okay - I’ll look for the dynamic health bar. I’ve tried pointing to no effect.

I wish there was a way to mark the map to note which mobs can be found where.

Okay - none of that worked. I tried setting to Static Health Bars and Focused Health Bar. I tried pointing and clicking different buttons. I can only see the name of a mob when I or someone else is attacking it. What am I doing wrong?

Make a pointer finger. And point at an enemy

I tried that.- gripping the handle button but not the trigger makes a fist with the pointer finger extended …I point at a mob, but nothing happens.

You must be on Quest? I found that it is a hit or miss (with pointing) on Quest 1. It works a lot better on Quest 2. It probably works all the time on PCVR.

Things to try… point up at the Map first to bring the line out. Then try to move the pointing down to the mob. The other thing is to try turning your pointing hand wrist up like Spiderman shooting his web…

Yep. Quest 1. Thinking about getting a 2. We’ll see. I’ll try that. Thanks.

When you’re pointing, you also need to use the grip and have your hand closed at the same time, for this mechanic. See if that helps.

Thanks everyone! The “Spiderman” thing worked. I just need to face my palm up and bend my wrist back. Works like a charm.


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