Immersion/video-recording: Hide more stuff

  • Ability to hide the list of xp/items gained and your level above your head. (This is just in general annoying and a good thing to be able to hide - but also makes looking up & video recording impossibly ugly and in the way, breaking all immersion/intake of the world around you).

As for video recording…

  • Ability to hide compass
  • Ability to hide (but keep equipped) tools - otherwise smaller problem
  • Ability to hide class abilities (but keep equipped) - otherwise smaller problem

Basically they reveal once interacted with, but otherwise can be toggled hidden.


My friend managed to capture the exact moment he got the pally calling… but in most cases it’s an inconvenience so the option of turning these graphics off would be amazing!

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Related (as a toggle)

what about being able to hide the popups like you pick up this and that/or you earn this and that amount, it can get really annoying if you just claimed a lot of missions and you just keep seeing the message for every mission claimed in the middle of your screen

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