Implement SteamVR overlay for VR Treadmill Compatibility


Could you please implement SteamVR overlay for OrbusVR?
(I dont know if this should be a suggestion or a technical issue.)

I need that because i cant use my KAT Walk Mini (VR Treadmill) when the game doesnt use the SteamVR Bindings.
Anyone knows this problem and know something to troubleshoot?


I just googled KAT Walk Mini

significant timeframe of unintelligible excited jumping up and down while shrieking

Good luck with that getting sorted, and I can’t wait!


Hi, could you give us more details about which overlay or bindings these are?


The KAT Walk changes the inputs of the Left-Controller-Thumbstick in SteamVR and plays it back to the System. In Orbus i cant use the menu button of the left Controller to cast the SteamVR Overlay in wich the KATIO Software runs. Look in other Steam Games like SkyrimVR and click the left menu button and you know what i mean.


This may sound like an odd question, but are you using a Vive headset or a Rift headset with the game?


I’m using a Rift Headset, but it doesnt matter why the Treadmill doesnt work with OrbusVR :smiley:

I could give you the contact information of the KAT VR Support, maybe you can fix that together?


So I think what’s happening is, we don’t use SteamVR by default when you are using a Rift headset, we use the Oculus SDK directly.

If you follow the instructions here to enable openvr mode it should fix it to do what you want I think:


Oh thanks, that may solve the problem, i’ll test it as soon as possible :slight_smile: