Important: Bug with Defend the Realm Reset Timing


We’ve just discovered a bug with the way that the Defend the Realm event reset timing worked, where if you gained points on Monday, then didn’t log in on Tuesday, and logged in Wednesday or Thursday it incorrectly reset your weekly total allowing you to gain more total points this week without waiting for the reset on Tuesday.

Obviously this was unintended. It looks like there were 4 people that this affected who were able to gain more than the maximum 2000 points this week. I will be resetting those people back to 2000 total points maximum.

If this bug affected you and your total is already 2,000 points, but it says your weekly points are not 2,000, please refrain from turning in additional resources or going out of your way to kill additional enemies to get more points, as you will only remain capped at 2,000.

My apologies for the error.


Okay, so there are 220 people I found that will be affected by this bug. What this means is, your weekly point total was reset to 0 for both your resource points and your kill points, but you have more than 0 total points already, so in theory you could turn in 1000 of each and end up with more than 2000 total points this week.

There is a patch going out in 5 minutes that will stop this behavior from occurring, and also sets a hard limit of 2,000 total points until the reset on Tuesday.

Please pay attention to your point totals because if for example you already have 1,500 total points, but your weekly points were reset to 0, and you try to turn in 1,000 more resource points, after 1,500 it will be capped at 2,000 total, but it will still let you turn them in until you reach 1,000 weekly resource points.

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