Improving the menu

I find the equipment menu to be …very basic. When I want to see if my new equipment is better then the one I got equipped I have to point at both items…wait and HOPE the tooltip will appear (its totally not reliable) and then manually compare. But with that its not done. I now have to select both to swap em. But when I did that I always have to check (using the tooltip) again to see if it was really swapped since there is no audio or visual confirmation that the equipment was really swapped.

To improve this I would propse the following

  • Show an icon (green up-arrow) on gear in you bag that is stronger then the currently equipped gear
  • Add soundeffects to the menu
  • Add a visual-effect to confirm that equipment-swap was done. Just let the border of the equipment-slot get a flashing effect or something
  • When selecting a piece of equipment on the bag let the tooltip appear above the bag menu. When you now stick your finger on the corresponding equipment slot let the tooltip for that item appear above the equipment-menu. This will ba much faster then having to rely on the tooltip function the game currently offers. I mean, the tooltip is okayish…that is WHEN it actually works. I find it to be very unreliable and thats really annoying
  • currentl you can select equipment and try to equip it on a slot thats not meant for that equipment piece. It will look like its equipped for a second and then be removed again. You shouldn’t be able to equip it in the first place
  • This is something you might not realize as a longtime player, but when you start the game you have absolutely no idea what equipment piece belongs to which slot. I suggest that when you select a piece of equipment in you bag the corresponding slot on the equipment menu should be highlighted… or all other slots should get grayed out

Thats it for now. I have no idea how many changes the menu got already, but I think its far from perfect… and thats fine, I just hope these are issues you are aware of and you also consider these issues. I mean, yeah, it does WORK… but that doesn’t make it fun or good to use. The user experience here is pretty awful at times. :wink:

Edit: I’ll see if I can come up with some visualization of the things I have in mind :slight_smile:


I would like to push a bit more on the current tooltip problem. This hovering problem has been in the game since the beginning of the tooltip, and was thought to be fixed by making the hovering more forgivable multiple times by now. I also once suggested that the tooltip would work way better when it gets triggered simply by selecting the item. PLEASE make this easy to implement change happen. It would not only fix the unreliable tooltip not showing, it would also eliminate the annoying wait. I am trying to say this is a way to easy change that should be important enough to do because it is a feature a lot of people will use.

Plz Riley? :stuck_out_tongue:


Those are all good suggestions. I have that problem as well not knowing if the items switched and always have to hover over it again to check.


Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it! The menu is definitely not final and we’re looking at ways to improve it in the near future.


the menu does look nice to be truthful its how a VR menu should look the only thing is the friends tab should do more than allow for msg it should allow for party invites or at least let you be able to find them on a in-game map that could be a useful thing for it. but for in-game location it would need to have a setting to toggle it off and on because sometimes people want to play solo and not be disturbed so a setting for that would be interesting.

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I really think it’s exactly what a VR menu shouldn’t be :smiley: I mean… it’s just a 2D menu in a 3D space. Yes, it works… but I am pretty sure it can be done in a better way. It’s not a catastrophe, you can use it and it does what it should. I wouldn’t change too much about it at this point, but I think it would be great if it at least works the way it’s intended to work :slight_smile:

I also would like to be able to party invite my friends list.


Same here! <3 I kinda expected it to be possible

It is partially inspired by the interface in Sword Art online, which is a pretty fun nod to the genre from when VRMMOs were purely fiction.

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Well, I love the way you open the menu (swipe down) and the menu does it job. I just think there could be so much more to it.

Oh yeah, I think they intend to continue to grow all of their systems/UI/content over time, but as game devs (especially with a small team) they have to make some careful decisions on where to draw the line so they can work on other parts of the game. I think the UI has a few usability bugs, but overall it does its job pretty effectively.

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just google the SAO menu and you will see why I think it works plus it looks nice.

This is a great example of what it could be like

It goes out of the way thinking bout 2D planes and rethinks how VR menu interaction could work. Sure, this only handles items n such and not a status screen, but I prefer such a menu over a 2D plane anytime!

I know this post is old but having an item highlighting when it is better that what is currently equipped would help a ton!

its nice if we can drag (grab) the menu and re-position it in-game.

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