In-game poll station

With the in-game vote for the name of the new island it made me think it would be good if you add a poll station next to the announcement board outside the house where you do monthly votes to get player input on up-coming content to more of an idea of what the community want in the game as not everyone see the forum posts, blog posts and emails, if it’s in game and next to the house everyone will see it when they play

To stop abuse of people making and deleting alts to get lots of extra votes, make it so that they must have at least 1 level 30 class t vote and more than 48 hours in-game time on that character, this would also mean that they would have enough of an idea of how the game works for when they are voting too

You could also make it so there is a notification pop up on log in (if they meet the requirements) when there is a new poll to vote on, and it would pop up every time they log in, until they vote to encourage people to get their vote in, the votes would close after a week or two and the next one will be posted at the start of the next month

This will further help with communication between the players and the dev team, since the post on dev interactions the overall feel from what I’ve heard of so far is that it feels more like we’re being heard by the devs now and it’s great and I think this would be another great step to improving on dev/player communication


I think we’re open to having more in-game survey questions, least of which because it makes it accessible to a large portion of the playerbase who does not read the forums, like you mentioned.

I would say given that our roadmaps and schedules are decided well in advance we can’t have a scope as large as what you mentioned but we’ll keep in mind if there are certain additional questions that the community could vote on in the future as a way to collect feedback from the playerbase as a whole.

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Thanks for the response

While I know you plan far ahead you could use this as a way to get a better idea of what the community want to see in the game and it could help you tailor the next part of the roadmap or future updates so these votes wouldn’t be something that would take effect after the vote ends, but for the future of the game to help give all the players a voice of what they want rather than just those that are active on the forums