Index controller rotation


got the index a couple weeks ago. I had no issues playing on the index using revive (which makes the game think i’m using an oculus controller). Funnily enough, as soon as i actually bought the game on steam and quit using revive (the game now knows i’m using an index), everything is off-kilter.

From what i can tell looking at my hand, the hand in game perfectly matches the angle of the center line of the controller (where the grip is), but that’s not how one grips the controller. to me it seems like it is pointing upward (to the sky) about 20 degrees more than my hand is actually pointing. When i point exactly forward (for teleportation), the teleportation arc is pointing pretty much at the sky.

It just seems to be a difference between using the angle of the controller and using the angle of the hand gripping the controller (which is pointing downwards somewhat in comparison)

For me at least, allowing me to tell the game i’m using a touch controller for the purposes of the angle seems perfect.

Edit: interestingly enough, the tilt on the mage wep seems correct and comfortable, so i’m guessing that was adjusted manually.


Hi, thanks for the feedback. I think in general if possible letting you adjust the angle manually was something we’ve talked about in the past, but it’s an involved step and will take longer to implement. We’re also looking at the steam bindings (although I’ve heard that’s gotten better in the latest steamvr patches and you can fix the controller schemes).


is there a way to change that in the steam settings? i looked for a while but didnt find any rotational settings


There are not any rotation settings.


How to play mage semi-confortably with index controllers.




That’s an interesting way of coping to be able to use runemage lol


So this is the only not closed thread to the index controllers, so I’m bumping this up.

I was forced to use my index controllers yesterday, because my vive didnt charge for some reason.
And I was so godamnit useless as mage. Seriously.

I’ve my controllers now since end of June, and nothing changed. Mage is still unplayable in Orbus.
The wand is still pointed up to high, which is failing almost every cast.
Playing as musky is also wrong, but it’s not that important as a musky, a musky can deal with it but a mage not.
I’m playing through steam, so no revive thingy, and I’m not starting to hold the controllers weird #potato :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As a lot of ppl suggested before just add different settings in the options like downwards,middle and high or whatever.
Almost all mages are gone anyway so I dont think a lot of ppl still going to complain about this issue.


One thing I’ve found which allows for slight modifications to the angle is to adjust the ratchet thingy that has 4 settings to change the width of the hand strap area at the top of the controller (I really hope I described that coherently). At least for me, if I change that, it changes how I hold the controller and can use it to adjust the angle a bit. Only works if you don’t have to use the biggest setting for the controller to fit your hand. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, sadly ive big hands so im on the tallest Settings already…


I’m sorry. That sucks. My hands are so small that even on the smallest settings I can still lose a controller if I swing my hand to hard. I also can’t reach all the buttons on that setting… I have to use one of the larger settings and deal with the controller being loose if I want to reach the top of the trackpad with my thumb. My pinky finger also doesn’t register in games with finger tracking. :laughing:


Oh wow you must have small hands :rofl: :kissing_heart:


The dev team’s commented that they’ll work on this when they get a chance (pretty understandable that their schedule is packed given their excellent public roadmap).

I just wanted to drop in and comment that as a previous WMR owner, now index owner rotation is a big deal in many games.The best example of a Dev universally fixing this issue was in BoxVR and I strongly recommend the team check out their solution for it. Heck, shoot me a message and I’ll buy a copy for a Dev team member. Keep up the great work!