Index controls - hand fatigue and controller lifetime

I am one of the few people that play Orbus on Index, and while the current controller bindings work okay, I’d love to see the game make more use of the controller’s abilities. Currently, they use a remapped version of the Vive’s bindings, which comes with a few issues.

The recent post about the Paladin controls got me thinking about what a good control scheme would look like, especially using the grip touch instead of the grip button for most actions to reduce hand fatigue and increase controller lifetime.

Here are my ideas:

  • Picking up Musky orbs, Scoundrel cards, Pally books and Shaman totems by using the grip touch
  • Picking up tools from your belt by using grip touch
  • Picking up loot bags, opening chests, picking up overworld items like books, scrolls, quest items by using grip touch
  • Keep the way we pull out and put away weapons and the warrior shield - a short press on the grip button and have them stick to our hand.
  • Pressing the grip button and pointing at an enemy to pull up their health bar
  • Throw the Paladin hammer by releasing the grip touch, and make it come back faster by using grip touch. The Bard’s mallet throw could work the same.
  • Let us use the teleport buttons and the analog stick to move when holding the wand - currently, all movement options are disabled on the wand-side hand on Runemage because of the Vive controller’s limitations
  • Maybe switch the A/B button bindings, as the top button is in a more comfortable position (at least in my opinion) to press to confirm Runemage spells.

The funny thing is all of the grip stuff you ask for works if you use libre/revive to play the oculus version. The controls are mapped perfectly. I use the grip touch for grabbing everything. I dropped the pally hammer a lot by accident at first when I switched to index. Revive also fixes the movement issues on runemage. Not saying this should be the solution just that it works and it’s proof that it shouldn’t be too hard to support the controllers by Orbus devs.


Honestly though, in this “day and age”, the common controllers are well known. Yeah, sure, occasionally a new one comes along that become one of the new mainstream ones.

Anyway, my point is, why not have in-game controller specific remapping? I am a bit out of the loop regarding VR controllers and what is provided by the various manufacturers (for unity), but i am fairly certain… no, scratch that… If i am not mistaken, there is premade code by the different brands for this that could easily be tapped into.

I could be wrong of course, but as i said, i am fairly certain a lot of what would be needed for this is already provided.

It works because it’s using the oculus drivers. The problem with the steam version is it’s using the steam drivers or openxr, depending on your configuration. I’m sure the steam version is fixable, but there doesn’t seem to be much will from the devs to fix it.

Having something similar to this would be very nice. I already have my steam controls bound this exact way minus the separate thing for shield and putting away weapons because that isn’t an option but the only class that messes with is pally for me personally.