Index (knuckles) controllers can not turn mage while wand is being held


This may just be me, im not sure, but my runemage is not able to turn while holding the wand. This appears to be the only class affected by this. I tested the others, mage is the only one that cannot turn while holding their weapon.


Unsheathing the wand disables all movement options for that controller. Does it work with the non-wand hand controller, or is this true for both of your controllers?

I’ve been using snap turn and smooth movement with the Index controllers as mage with no problems (though, haven’t tried since today’s update)


I’m using snap turn and always using the off hand joystick to turn


This was the case for the original vive controllers since the touch pad was used for movement and to release the spell, but for oculus this was never the case and you could use locomotion with your wand hand. This should also be possible with the knuckles.


Ah. I’ve never used the Oculus. Didn’t realize that. I guess the Index controllers are mimicking the Vive wands, rather than Oculus controllers by default.

I know it is possible to remap the Index controllers on the user side. Maybe if the joystick for the wand hand was re-mapped to mimic the off-hand, it would continue to work? It would break the movement options which have different functions on each controller though…


If you are running the SteamVR version of the game: native to vive/index or by using -vrmode openvr on oculus the mage wand will not allow turning. Its always been like this.


Ah, see i’v been on Oculus this whole time which allows normal forward/back, strafe left/right on the left hand and rotation on the right hand even while the wand is out. I put together an index mapping and published it to the orbus workshop so that the knuckles act just like the touch controllers did where pressing the A button cast and then releases the spell. I never knew vive users couldn’t rotate while the wand is out. That super sucks…

Hopefully the devs fix it for knuckle users. I hate having to put my wand away while wandering around with baddies all over the place.